You are actively helping people in need

When you donate to BHR, you become an important partner in our mission to support and strengthen individuals, families and the community by promoting behavioral health and substance use disorder recovery. Thanks to our donors, we have been able to build facilities such as Harvest Home, and offer assistance to clients through funds like these:

Warm Fund
Transportation Fund
Compassionate Fund

Every dollar matters

You might be surprised how far each dollar can go to provide resources, treatment, education and advocacy to individuals and families in our community. Take a look:


$10 a month ($120 a year) provides a gas card for a rural client to drive to scheduled appointments, which are critical to their success.


$40 a month ($480 a year) keeps a clinician in the field providing service to the areas that need it most. With hot spot technology, BHR provides treatment in schools, community centers, homeless shelters and dozens of partner agencies.


$250 (or $500 for a course) provides a month of free parenting classes designed to enhance the child-parent relationship and prevent child abuse. Seven percent of children in Thurston County are abused - more in Mason and Grays Harbor counties. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the abuse from happening in the first place.


$1000 helps BHR train staff with evidence-based, innovative treatment and care approaches.

It's all because of you

For over sixty years, BHR has served as the area’s premier community behavioral health and substance abuse treatment and care provider. And with your help, that won’t change anytime soon. Thank you for your support and commitment to our staff, clients, and our community!