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The Thurston Mason Regional Support Network (TMRSN) has joined with prime contractor Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) to create a new regional facility for Acute Psychiatric Services.

This facility was built in response to the community need for mental health crisis services where those suffering with a mental health crisis could be served safely and with compassion, skill and efficiency.

Who can use the facility?

Persons eligible for services are those with acute symptoms of a mental illness, primarily residents of Thurston and Mason Counties who are enrolled in Medicaid (Title 19) and those involuntarily detained pursuant to RCW 71.05 or 71.34. The level of service depends on severity of illness and availability of other resources.

The Thurston County Evaluation and Treatment Center is a facility for severe psychiatric illnesses. It is not a hospital, detoxification center or emergency room. If a person has a medical emergency or concern not related to a mental health crisis, staff will be happy to assist them to call 911 or direct them to a Hospital Emergency Room.

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