BHR Board of Directors

Angela Wolle
Nena Sueno
Kathleen Boswell
Olivia Zhou
Board Members
Patrick Farwell
Emily Logan
James McDowell
Alex Taft
Albert Weinnig

Behavioral Health Resources Foundation

Board Of Directors

In 1995, the Community Mental Health Foundation was created as a Washington State non-profit corporation. It has recently changed the name to Behavioral Health Resources Foundation. Its mission is to "facilitate the solicitation, recognition and management of charitable gifts in support of Behavioral Health Resources". A board of volunteers numbering 3 to 15 raises local and regional funds to support BHR programs and creates fundraising events and activities that assist programs and celebrate our donors.

Laurie Berryman
Vice President
Wendy Holden
Board Members
Cameron Daniels
Lowell Gordon
Heather Hahn
Bron Lindgren
Beverly Massini
Kathy Perciful
Jason Vatne